Get The Help You Need! Let us take care of all your IRS and State Tax problems. You will speak with an agent that is licensed by the Internal Revenue Service and not a sales rep that has an assignment to close the deal, sell a service, and collect the large fee. After the consultation with your agent, the case will receive a thorough tax investigation to identify the real issue and determine a strategy to resolve the issue as quickly and economically as possible. During the whole process, you will be kept up to date by the agent, or the assistant responsible for the case management, not a sales representative, sales floor, sales manager, or other staff members not directly involved with the management or resolution of the case. You can address all your questions to the licensed agent if you wish. The process in resolving the case in not just to engage the IRS or state agency and develop a payment plan which is acceptable to the taxing agency and pay the balance that due as determined by the IRS or the state. Our approach is to identify the tax amount, the tax year or years that have balances due, what are the interest and penalties in the balance due, why is there a balance due, can the liability be reduced through correcting returns or addressing audit reports. When the balance due is reduced by correcting returns or addressing audits, everyone is appreciative of the results from the client to agent to IRS collection officers. The resolution process goes a lot smoother, the IRS has an account that is closed, and the client’s tax liability is lowered.
The agent will not charge or promise a service that is not needed or that will not work in your case. For example, the “Offer in Compromise” program in where the taxpayer applies to the IRS to accept less than the balance due to settle a tax liability in full. Not all taxpayers will qualify for the Offer in Compromise. We do not charge for an Offer in Compromise if the taxpayer does not qualify.

Reasonable Fees, no outrageous fees or charges.

After initial consultation and investigation, we will make recommendation for course of action. If you can handle the case yourself, we will explain the process to you. If we cannot handle case because of conflict of interest or necessary litigation, we will make recommendation to attorneys that can address litigation matters. You are welcome to follow up with your case at any time and speak with the agent that is working the case.

We are skilled and trained to work through the maze of regulations and procedures of the IRS and state taxing agencies. Once you retain our services, we will represent you before the IRS and relieve you of the stress and anxiety of dealing with the IRS or state. All communications with the IRS will be directed to the agent and will free you of that responsibility. Your life will become a lot simpler and we will encourage you to move forward and let us take on the IRS.




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